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Students are advised to use “Information Kiosk” for their academic writings. These resources will help you with the general writing process: pre-writing (invention), identifying study problems, developing research questions, making hypothesis, outlines, composing thesis statements, research methodology, data collection, and data analysis and proofreading. While the writing process may be different for each person and for each particular assignment they have to seek assistance from their respective faculties and departments. For these, student can contact the information kiosk individually or group wise. Contact “Reference Librarian” for the reservation in advance.The following writing lab services are in the programme.


The Writing Lab is open to all students, faculty and staff at the Kukum campus library. The Writing Lab pages are updated often.







1.Microsoft Office Training


1.1 Package one: Document editing:- (basic of document editing and preparing of a Table of Contents in your “Assignment”, “Dissertation” or “Thesis”)
1.2 Package two: Data analysis:- (basic of Excel and preparing of a Pivot table for your academic writing).
1.3 Package three: Presentation skills:- (basic of PowerPoint and preparing for your oral presentation)

Contact: Information Kiosk at Kukum Library or

Ryan Bako





Ryan Bako








 2. Academic Writing


2.1 Package one: Turabian style and ISO7144:- (basic of academic writing and arranging your “Assignment”, “Dissertation” or “Thesis”)

2.2 Package two: Academic integrity:- (basic of academic integrity and plagiarism detection)

2.3 Package three: Writing skills:- (How to use Zotero and Mendeley software organize your personal collection)

Contact:Information Kiosk at Kukum Library or






Desmond Mamata







3. Discovery and Citation Styles Package

3.1 APA Formating tips
3.2 APA Writing style tips
3.3 APA Overview


Contact: Information Kiosk at Kukum Library or

Glynes Lucy