Regulation & Charges

Regulations & Charges

1.0: Regulations

All Library users are expected to abide by the Library Regulations. Users are required to familiarize, respect and comply with the stipulated regulations. Any breach of these regulations may result in the imposition of fines or immediate suspension of access to the Library and its services, including borrowing rights.

Serious infringement of the regulation will result in Disciplinary action. The University Librarian has the power to suspend a student for a period of two weeks from using Library facilities.

1.1: Code of conduct for the Library
  1. All Users are required to produce Identification on request from any member of Library staff.
  2. Staff and students using the Library shall conduct themselves in a quiet, orderly manner. Disturbances of other Library users is not permitted.
  3. Silences shall be observed in the Library at all times.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the Library.
  5. Chewing of Betelnut is not permitted in the Library.
  6. No Food items, Drinks including Water Bottles are to be brought into the Library.
  7. Anyone found with books, materials or equipment, which have been removed from the Library without being properly borrowed will be considered to be in possession of stolen property.
  8. No User shall Deface, Mutilate or Destroy Library materials. Any person caught will be liable to pay for the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged materials.
  9. Bags, Briefcases, parcels and umbrellas are not allowed in the Library. They must be left in the Bags Area provided.
  10. All Mobile phones must be switched off when entering the Library.
  11. All books, personal wallets, pencil cases, folders, etc. must be presented for checking by Library staff before users leave the Library.
  12. Fines will be imposed for overdue materials.
  13. All overdue items must be returned to the Library and outstanding fines cleared prior to the next enrollment, failing which enrollment will be denied. In the case of graduating students, certificates will be withheld.
  14. All Users are encouraged to wear respectable clothing in the Library. Hats, caps, hoods and scarf must not be worn in the Library.
  15. The Library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings.
2.0: Charges
2.1: Access Fee

i.   One Year          -   Adult          -   $75.00

                                -   Students    -   $50.00

ii.  One Week                                -      $5.00

iii. One Day                                  -      $2.00

2.2: Overdue Fines

An Overdue Fine of 50 cents per day is charged on every Overdue books returned to the Library. Overdue Fines are calculated and charged beginning from the day after the books are due, to the day they are returned or paid for.

2.3: Lost Books

If you lose a Library Book while it is in your care, you will be required to pay a replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee and any Overdue fines.

2.4: Damage Books

If you mark, deface, or mutilate any Library books you will be responsible for Paying (i) repair costs (ii) replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee.

2.5: Other Penalties

Borrowing privileges are suspended if you have Overdue Books or Unpaid Fines. Privileges are restored once you return all Overdue books or pay all Fines.

3.1: Photocopying

            Photocopying service is available at the following rates:-

A4 Sheets         

Single Sided                                                -   50¢ per page

Double Sided (back to back)                 -   $1.00 per page


A3 Sheet

Single Sided                                             -   $1.00 per page

Double Sided (back to back)                -   $2.00 per page


3.2: Printing (Available at the library print/photocopying room - A4 Size)

Monochromatic (Black and White)         

Single Sided                                                 -   $1.00 per page

Double Sided (back to back)                   -   75¢ per page


Single Sided                                                 -   $6.00 per page

Double Sided (back to back)                   -   $5.00 per page


3.3: Spiral Binding

8mm Spiral Comb     -     $10.00

10mm Spiral Comb   -     $12.00

12mm Spiral Comb   -     $14.00

14mm Spiral Comb   -     $16.00


3.4: Laminating

ID Size          -          $2.00

A5                  -          $4.00

A4                  -          $8.00

A3                  -          $12.00


3.5:Audio-visual Rates (Available at Kukum Library)

Document Scanning

A4 Size                              -                    50¢ per copy

A3 Size                              -                   $1.00 per copy

Other larger format      -                   $10.00 per copy


All Photo Scan (Coloured , Black White)

Sizes under A4               -                      50¢ per photo

Sizes A4 & Up                 -                       $1.00 per photo


Scan Conversions                 -                        50¢ per document


Scan & Email                          -                        $1.00 per A4 page


Editing of Scan Document   -                         $1.50 per A4 page