1. Lending/ Borrowing
Library membership is granted to all Staff and students and the SINU community .They are eligible to borrow Library materials from their respective Libraries. Membership in more than one Library is not allowed. .  A valid ID card is required to become a member and to be eligible to use the facilities of the library.

Most materials in the Library are available for loan. Students and Administration staff may borrow two books at a time for a period of two weeks while Lecturers may borrow up to five books for the same period of time.

An over due fine of 50 cents per day is charged on all returned overdue books. To avoid disappointment, please return your books on time.

The following table stipulates the borrowing guidelines for different members


2. Reservation
If a book in the General Collection is out on Loan it may be reserved by a user who needs it. Circulation staff will be responsible for your reservation request.


3. Inter-Library Loan
Since students are not allowed to be members in more than one Library, arrangement can be made through this office to enable you to borrow books from other SINU Libraries. See Circulation staff for help.


4. Study Carrels
Study carrels and tables are provided in the study areas to enable users to do their study in comfort.


5. Newspaper Reading Area
Easy chairs are provided in News paper reading Area to enable users to read Newspapers and Magazine in a more relaxed atmosphere.


6. Group Discussion and Tutorial Room (Kukum and Panatina)
discussion room
There is a Group Discussion Room for students who wish to discuss their work. Lecturers could also use this room for small tutorial groups. Bookings can be made at the Circulations Desk in advance preferably a day earlier.


7. User Assistance Desk
Trained Librarians will be available at this desk to provide in-depth assistance to

Library users.


8. Library Orientation and Instruction
Lecturers may arrange for Library Orientation and Instruction for New Students. In

order for students to use the Library and its Resources wisely and effectively, students must be orientated and instructed in Basic Library Skills. For bookings see Librarian in charge of each Library.


9. Reference Services
Reference Services provides reference and research assistance to students, faculty, and staff of Solomon Islands National University and its community users. In-person assistance is available at the Reference Desk/Help center on the first floor. Librarians are also available through email, and chat during official hours. Individuals who want one-on-one research assistance should contact the Reference Librarian. Please visit our about us page for more details on how to contact us.