Library Computer Labs

Library Computer Labs




Students are to book with librarians at the circulation desk to use internet. Students will be allowed to use computers for internet searching for research purposes only and  for only 1 hour per students.Computers are available on a “First Come, First Served” basis.




Typing of assignments is free but you will pay for all your printing(see Printing charges).




Library Computer labs facilities is available to students for academic research and for other specifically authorized activities.


Only students with current valid ID cards can be considered for this service.


Students will be given an ID card that must be produced to Library staff when doing booking and when using the Computer lab facility. This is for identification purposes only.


Computers are available on a “First Come, First Served” basis.


Only one person at a computer at any given time.


Do not install software on these computers.


Do not download any files onto the hard drives of these computers. All downloaded files must be downloaded on to flash drives etc. which must be virus checked by Library staff prior to each use.


Do NOT change the configuration of any of the software on these computers.


Do NOT attempt to copy any software from these computers.


Do not mark or mutilate items in this room. You are also reminded that smoking, the consumption of food, water, or use of mobile telephones and personal stereos is forbidden.


Viewing profane, obscene, offensive pornographic pictures is prohibited.


Students found in breach of these rules are liable for disciplinary action under these rules and the General Library rules.

Disciplinary action could result in a warning, a reprimand, suspension of access to this facility, or a fine etc.

To book a computer