1. Main General Collection - Non Fiction

This collection contains all the books which are true or based on facts, such as books on Agriculture, Arts, Health, Geography, Economics, Law, carpentry,

Electrical, plumbing, Mechanics, Surveying, Education, History, Psychology,

Religion, Science, Mathematics and other school subjects. etc,. All books in this collection are available for borrowing purposes.

We have a total of 24,804 materials in this collection.

2. Fiction Collection

This contains story books and other books which are made-up, not true. We have a variety of fiction and many simplified versions of some of these books. These light reading fiction books are for your enjoyment and they are also available for

borrowing purposes.

There are a total of 2997 fiction books.

3. Reference Collection

This collection contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographical books, atlases, handbooks and other textbooks etc, for quick reference and research. Items in this collection may not be borrowed out.

There are a total of 1620 Reference materials.

4. Serials/Periodicals Collection

To update you with Local and overseas current events, we have a variety of journals, magazines and newspapers. Popular journals and back issues are behind the circulation desk so you will need the Librarian’s help to get them.

There are a total of 173 Serials/Periodicals materials.


5. Reserve Collection

Books in heavy demand are placed on the shelves behind the Circulation Desk. These materials are put on reserve by lecturers and can only be used within the Library. Students will need their ID or Meal Cards to sign them out for use within the Library. These materials may also be borrowed on Overnight Loan.

There are a total of 1886 Reserve materials.


6. Audio-visual Section (Kukum Library)

This section has a small collection of Educational Video cassettes . Further information call in the Kukum Library or contact tel. 30112 ext. 293.

There are a total of 2997 fiction books.


7. Research/ Solomon Islands Collection (Panatina Library)

This Collection holds more than 2,000 books, pamphlets, journals related to the Solomon Islands and the Pacific in general. This collection is in Closed Access, therefore you will need your ID card to use any material from this collection. Books in this collection are not allowed to be borrowed out of the Library.

There are a total of 4205 Research Materials.


8. Digital Collection/ e-Resources